OHSLA Spring 2018 Meeting

Friday April 20, 2018 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library

127 S. Davis Ave. Columbus, OH 43222

Mentoring Millennials

Tiffney Gipson, Head of Collections, Clinical Librarian University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Join us for a presentation by Tiffney Gipson, Head of Collections, Clinical Librarian University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, on Mentoring Millennials followed by a group discussion on the topic of Mentoring. This MLA-approved event is worth 4 CEs. An assigned reading list is included below. Participants need to read the articles ahead of the meeting and come with ideas and opinions to make the discussion lively and engaging.  Breakfast & lunch will be served. 

As a bonus we will welcome Dr. Kendra Albright, Director and Professor of Kent State University's School of Information.  In 2017 KSU's School of Library and Information Science became the School of Information, or the iSchool for short.  Dr. Albright will take time during the OHSLA Business meeting to discuss how the iSchool and OHSLA can collaborate in the future.

Reading List

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Past Presenters

Each OHSLA meeting features an opportunity to earn continuing education by attending a class led by a qualified professional in the health sciences field. For a list of past presenters and topics, visit our Past Presenters page.

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