The Voice of OHSLA

The voice of OHSLA members may be heard through several channels. As a benefit of membership OHSLA members may interact with their peers through the OHSLA membership listserv; the newsletter, OHSLA Voice; The Voice of OHSLA blog, our LinkedIn Group and through the official minutes of its meetings.

Send news about members from around the state and around the region as well as other newsletter suggestions to the editor of OHSLA Voice.

The latest edition of the OHSLA Voice:  Fall 2022

Visit the newsletter archives for current and previous issues of OHSLA Voice


The Voice of OHSLA Blog

Read the latest news and updates on our New Blog: The VOICE of OHSLA. If you have a news item to share, send it to our Blog Editor

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Last updated: October 14, 2022
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